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AutoCAD is a comprehensive professional app aimed at the design and layout of blueprints, maps, diagrams, mock-ups, and any other design in 2D or 3D.

This tool can create any design or documents with all the features that architects, engineers, or graphic designers could need, from freehand sketches to more complex compositions that can be put together using the program's full array of utilities.

The software includes an option to register each process carried out and has modules to share the designs as well as work on projects collaboratively.

The AutoCAD interface is very visual, comfortable, and intuitive, making for quite smooth browsing between tabs and tools (although there is also a help service, should you need it).

AutoCAD also has a browser to give a full, ample view of your designs, allowing you to select the different views from which you want to observe and rotate the design 360º.

A big advantage of the program is that it's compatible with PDF files, meaning that you'll have the option to save and share your projects with any user.

- Input formats: DWG, DWS, DXF, DWT, DGN.
- Output formats: DWG, DWS, DXF, DWT, DGN, DWF, DWFX, WMF, SAT, STL, EPS, DXX, BMP, PDF.


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